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Minnesota Lakes In The Clouds

Aircraft ownership consulting
& Twin Cities hangar search

We offer aircraft ownership consulting, specializing in local Minneapolis-area connections, help, and tips to get you confidently experiencing the most out of your general aviation airplane!


We want to make your adventure of flying from Minnesota start smoothly! From finding hangar space and helping you find the best maintenance team to talking you through the online forms needed to fly to Canada and cold winter weather tips, we will draw upon our decade of local aviation connections to get you comfortably enjoying year-round flying!


Finishing up flight training?
Thinking about buying an airplane?
New to the Twin Cities area?

1 HR | $150

Let's meet and talk through airplane ownership tips customized for the flying you do, annual inspection recommendations, and other topics not covered in flight training!

Minneapolis, Twin Cities, Aviation, Hangar, Consulting

Zoom or in-person sessions available at Flying Cloud Airport


We’ll have a consulting session discussing any questions you may have.

1 HR+ | $250

From there, we’ll conduct a search locating available hangar rentals for rent. This way you’re fully supported in your aircraft journey!

Minneapolis, Twin Cities, Aviation, Hangar, Consulting

Zoom or in-person sessions available at Flying Cloud Airport

Looking to rent one of our hangars?
Unfortunately, we’re at max capacity and are unable to accept new tenants.
If you need help finding hangar space, Dan would be happy to help! Book a session with him below:

Not seeing what you’re looking for? Get in touch!


Dan Dorson took his first Cessna 172 flight with his dad when he was 10 years old, taking off from Quonset State Airport in Rhode Island. That sparked an interest in aviation that took him to the Air Force Academy and landing taildraggers in France to flying B-1s over Afghanistan and teaching spins in trainer planes (T-37s and then T-6s) over North Texas.

For the past decade, Dan has been based in the Minneapolis area and managing hangar space at Flying Cloud Airport. He’s come full circle back to flying the same Cessna 172 he looked out the window of when he was young, now out of Minnesota up to Canada, across the Great Lakes, and to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Dan has extensive experience as a former Air Force instructor pilot teaching aerobatics, instrument procedures, low-level navigation, and advanced formation to both U.S. and European student pilots. He holds Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) and Commercial Seaplane ratings.

Flying Cloud Airport, Consulting, Aviation, Hangar Rental, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minnesota Aviation Consulting Pilot Hangar Eden Praire


Flying Cloud Airport (KFCM) 
Eden Prairie Minnesota

Our hangars are approximately 900 sq feet with individual door access Easy to open, balanced bi-fold doors 40' wide, open to height of 11' Asphalt flooring, individually keyed, electricity in each stall Monthly hangar rental rates start at $265, MAC airport fees included All leases are month-to-month - move out with just 30 days notice! Prospective tenants can review our lease agreement below under "Current Hangar Tenants"


Current tenants, click below to pay monthly rental fee:



Thanks for getting in touch! We'll reach out shortly.


Photo credit: Reggie  Agyen-Boateng

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